About Paragon Solar

Paragon Solar was created in 2013 for solar enthusiasts, "Do-it-yourselfers", and solar companies alike. Our goal is to make solar an enjoyable experience by setting high quality standards, and sharing all that we have learned so that others may do the same.

We offer planning, design, performance verification, repair, advanced troubleshooting, operation, and maintenance services for residential, commercial, and public sector systems. Online we provide tools, articles, training, and forums as a resource for everybody with an interest in solar.

In addition, we created an approved contractor network for any services we may not provide directly. Whatever the scope of your project, from small to large, we would love to simplify things for you with our experience and professional expertise!

Scott Carman
Founder/Owner, Paragon Solar

What is a Paragon?

par·a·gon ( ˈperəˌɡän/ )
A model or pattern of excellence or of a particular excellence:
"a paragon of virtue."

We didn't take choosing our name lightly. We strive to live up to it in everything that we do. In fact, it is the reason we exist. As the solar industry emerges and matures, we intend to do our part to ensure it is here to stay. There is an abundance of free, clean energy falling on our planet every day. By working together we can all benefit from this renewable resource.