Frequently Asked Questions

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What size of a solar power system do I need?
One benefit of Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is that it can be sized based on whatever factors are important to you. Some solar sales people may suggest that you should only consider the maximum size possi...Read More
Do solar PV modules hold up to hail?
In a solar power system, only the modules are typically exposed to hail. All other equipment should be tucked below the modules or mounted in less exposed locations. Here in Colorado we have hail stor...Read More
Does solar work on cloudy days?
Short answer, Yes! Solar Photovoltaics (PV), does work on cloudy days, but at a reduced performance. A measure of the amount of sun reaching the Solar modules is called irradiance. Irradiance is the...Read More
Will I have power during a utility outage?
This depends on your system type. The majority of solar PV systems installed today are strictly grid-interactive systems. These type of systems do not have batteries. The energy generated by solar dur...Read More
How much does solar cost?
This is a difficult question to answer in the abstract as there are many factors that influence the cost of solar. There are local utility rebates and government incentives available depending on wher...Read More