Operation & Maintenance

Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is a sub-function of Asset Management. For medium to large scale systems, O&M is often overlooked, yet one of the most important set of activities to enable the solar generation facility to perform at its full potential, meet expectations, and reduce exposure for asset owners and investors.

Paragon Solar's O&M contracts are designed to optimize solar production, increases asset revenue, increase the asset's longevity, reduce stakeholder risk, protect the asset value, ensure EPC contract obligations, achieve regulation compliance, and provide the asset owner with a complete picture as to the asset's performance. Without these, a clear economic forecast could not be developed. O&M can truly be one of the most important aspects of understanding your existing assets and predicting future investments.

We offer a wide range of O&M services. Send us an email with your facility's details, goals, and requirements. We can create a custom O&M contract that will meet or exceed all of the above goals as well as your stakeholder's expectations.

Maintenance Contracts

For residential and small commercial systems we offer basic maintenance contracts. It is generally recommended that Photovoltaic systems are maintained 1-2 times per year, though other terms are available. Our maintenance contracts include a full inspection of mechanical, electrical, and monitoring systems. In addition, a full performance verification service is included. If needed, cleaning and vegetation mitigation is performed. A report is created each visit as an ongoing record of the system's history. If any issues are discovered, a proposal to repair will be provided in the report.