Solar Remove & Reinstall

Hail in Colorado is a common occurrence, but what happens if you need to remove a solar photovoltaic system for a re-roof project? That's where Paragon Solar comes in. We work as a liason between the homeowner, insurance company, permitting authorities, and roofers to ensure a timely and hassle free R&R (sometimes referred to as a Detach & Reset). We are knowledgeable solar professionals, so you know your system will be handled properly throughout the process.

Shoot us an email and we will provide you with a full overview of the process.

How does it all work?

First we take a look at your system to be be sure it is still working properly and to determine the full scope of work. We will work with your insurance company to have the cost of the system removal and reinstallation covered within the re-roof project. Once the insurance company approves the project, we coordinate with the roofer to remove the system just before the roof work begins, minimizing downtime. If you have not yet lined up a roofer, we can recommend one that we have worked with in the past so you can be sure the job is done right. Once the roof work has been completed (and passed inspections), we return to reinstall the system. Finally, we test , recommission, and place the system back into service.