Solar Inverter Service and Repair

Has your inverter stopped working and started flashing error codes? Original installer out of business or unwilling to make the repair? We have you covered! Paragon Solar specializes in servicing, maintaining, and repairing most grid-interactive string, micro, and central inverters. All service calls now include a checkup on the health of the entire system while we are on site.

How it works

We come to your location so there is no need to remove and deliver to us! We begin by inspecting and testing your system. Sometimes adjustments to settings or other on-site repairs is all it takes to get you back up and generating power. If a more critical issue is identified, we work with the inverter manufacture to take advantage of any warranty that may still be active on your equipment. Inverter warranties are commonly 10-25 years, and often cover the cost of the repair work. Paragon Solar is certified to perform warranty repairs on most common inverter brands. If the inverter warranty has passed, a complete proposal for the repair will be provided up front so you know exactly what to expect before any work begins.

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Certified Fronius Service Provider

Paragon Solar is a certified Fronius Service Provider (FSP). You can rest assured that your inverter is receiving professional attention and the full warranty coverage available. Specializing in Fronius repairs we stock replacement parts which means we can often return your system to operational on the same visit, reducing downtime and maximizing energy production.